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Wed Feb 23

Bombay Beach - trailer

I was fortunate enough to have worked on this as an editor for several months (just look a few posts down from this one).  It just premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and is apparently invited to many more.  I’m so proud of the movie and my friend Alma who made it.  

more info at ID Mag

Mon Aug 24

Mon Jul 27

Bombay Beach

The Salton Sea

Well, most of the touring is done for the year, so I’m out in the desert editing on a documentary named Bombay Beach with a talented Israeli director named Alma Ha’rel.  The film concerns the inhabitants of a small, largely abandoned town also named Bombay Beach.  So far, it looks like the doc is going to be unlike any doc I’ve seen, and this excites me to no end.  Alma has an amazing eye and describes the film as a visual poem.  Also, it looks like Zach Condon of Beirut fame is going to be doing the music.  way way cool.   The pics here are frames from the film.

Alma is tracking progress on her blog.  you can see more of her work, along with music from Beirut in the video she just completed for the band, also shot around the Salton Sea here.  hopefully I’ll be working on the film on and off for the next several months.

unrelated:  I’ve been out here for 6 days and the temperature has not yet dropped below 100 degrees.  what have I learned?  I’m pretty sure cigarettes burn faster in the desert.

Wed Jul 1

Tue Jun 30

or click here to watch it in Glorious HD!

this is the tour diary of a Toadies/Willowz tour in May and June ‘09.

shot and mostly edited on tour with a Nikon D90, a couple lenses and laptop.

this was the 2nd half of the best tour ever.  I lost all the footage from the first half when my camera stuff was stolen in Austin.

Sat May 30

Varg released! - a Black Metal post

Varg Vikernes; aka Count Grishnackh

Varg Vikernes - Norwegian Black Metal legend, convicted in 1994 for the murder of buddy and fellow Black Metaller, Euronymous (pictured below), and the burning of a few 800 year-old churches, was released this week and will live on a farm in Bø, Norway with his wife and child. he had previously been given a short leave and tried to escape in a Volvo with an AG3 automatic rifle, a handgun, numerous large knives, a gas mask, camouflage clothing, a laptop, a compass, a GPS, various maps and a fake passport.  watch the fuzz end his escape.

Euronymous                            Lords of Chaos

a little background: Vikernes’ one-man band Burzum is one of the earliest Norwegian Black Metal bands.  his story and the story of the whole scene is told in Michael Moynihan’s Lords of Chaos, which is being turned into one of those Hollywood movies, and of course, one of the guys from Twilight is playing Varg.

for further viewing, I heartily recommend True Norwegian Black Metal, produced by Spike Jonze & Vice Magazine’s endlessly watchable video site,  also recommended, Peter Beste’s accompanying photo project, one photo of which is framed and proudly hanging above my piano.

UPDATE:  Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore discusses Black Metal, and whether or not it was an influence on their new record

Thu May 14

Meet The Willowz

The Willowz are a band from Anaheim, California.  we’ve been fortunate to have them on our May tour.  they’re young, they’re hairy and they rock.

I’m trying to shoot/edit/upload more stuff these days, so I shot this stuff of them playing at Raab’s Steakhouse in Ruston, Louisiana.

for further viewing, see their amazing Evil Son video.

Tue May 12

found on the internet

me and my boy, Peter Schmidt, playing in O’McClanahans.  circa 90s.